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Mint UI

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A beautiful, fully featured, reliable UI component library for Mint.

  • 60+ ready to use, hand crafted components.
  • Themable with CSS variables.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Data driven.

Get started

To use Mint UI you need to install Mint first.

Create a new Mint application with:

mint init my-app

add mint-ui to the mint.json file as a dependency:

"dependencies": {
  "mint-ui": {
    "repository": "",
    "constraint": "1.0.0 <= v < 2.0.0"

then install dependencies:

$ mint install
Mint - Installing dependencies
⚙ Constructing dependency tree...
  ✔ Cloned mint-ui(
  ✔ Cloned mint-color(

⚙ Resolving dependency tree...
  ◈ mint-ui ➔ 1.0.0
  ◈ mint-color ➔ 0.4.0

⚙ Copying packages...
All done in 2.387s!"


Head to to learn the in and outs of Mint UI!


Be aware of that Mint UI has a special license and requires obtaining a company license in some cases. Read the LICENSE documentation for more information.


Please read to learn about contributing to this project.