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Install on macOS (or Linux)
To easily install Mint on macOS or Linux you can use Homebrew.
# For macOS, ensure Xcode's CLT is installed to prevent building llvm from source
xcode-select --install
# If you have installed mint before
brew untap homebrew-community/mint
brew tap mint-lang/mint-lang
brew install mint-lang
Install from source

To install Mint from source you will need to install the Crystal programming language.

After installing Crystal just follow these commands:

git clone
cd mint
shards install
shards build --progress --release --no-debug
sudo mv ./bin/mint /usr/local/bin/mint
Install on Linux

Since Mint is just a binary you can download the pre-built binaries and use them.

wget --no-verbose -O mint
chmod +x ./mint
sudo mv ./mint /usr/local/bin/mint
Usage with Docker

You can run mint using a Docker container by using the mint-docker repository.

You will need to have Docker and Docker Compose installed.

git clone
cd mint-docker
docker-compose up