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Tuple is a data structure which contains a fixed set values, where each value can have a different type.

  • they are useful when you don't want to declare a record
  • they can contain any number of items
  • their items can be destuctured and matched against


The type of a tuple is Tuple(...) where each parameter is an item of a tuple.

For example the type Tuple(String, Number, Bool) represents a tuple where the first element is a String the second is a Number the third is a Bool


Tuples can be created with the following syntax:

{"First Value", 10, true}


To get the items of a tuple we need to destructure it: assign each item to a variable:

let {first, second, third} =
  {"First Value", 10, true}

Destructuring can be used in statements and case expressions.

case ({"First Value", 10, true}) {
  /* match by value (will not match) */
  {"A", 0, false} => "A"

  /* match by value (will match) */
  {"First Value", 10, true} => "B"

  /* destructure */
  {a, b, c} => a

fun tuples : String {
  let {first, second, third} =
    {"First Value", 10, true}


When matching tuples in a case expression a destructuring will make it exhaustive.