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Mint 0.12.0 Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Mint 0.12.0 has been released!

This release contains languager server support and the @asset directive!

There are 132 commits since 0.11.0 by 8 contributors.

Let’s review some highlights in this release. But don’t miss out on the rest of the release changelog which has a lot of valuable information.

Language Server

One of the highly requested features the language server is now available using the mint ls command.

Having this shipped allows us to incrementally implement other features such as showing errors and goto declaration / implementation.

Format on Save

The files are formatted when saved if they don't contain any errors.

Hover Provider

The type information of most entities can be checked by hovering over them also, if available the documentation is displayed as well.

Completion Provider

Completions are provided for entities in stores, components, modules and also in scope variables (depending on where to cursor is).

Asset Directive

The asset directive allows you to reference an asset (image, stylesheet, video, etc..) - relative to the current file. These assets are bundled in the production build.

component Main {
  fun render : Html {
    /* The image should be in the same directory as this file. */
    <img src={@asset(some-image.jpg)}/>

Only those assets get bundled which are touched during type checking, for example if a component references some assets then those assets are only bundled if that component is used.

Bugfixes and Issues

12 bugs and issues were fixed in this release.

Next steps

Please update your Mint and report any issues. We will keep moving forward and start the development focusing on 0.13.0.

Special thanks to @Sija for continuously reviewing the pull requests. 🎉